Friday, May 20, 2011

Proudest Moment of My Life

I just had to share a bit, about my son Jack. He's about 6"1", with brown hair, and one brown eye, one green eye, dimpled, and dashing. He has a silly grin, and I loved going to his parent teacher conferences - once, a teacher said he was "magical". He's full of sweetness, and bluntness. And he's on the autism spectrum, with Asperger's Syndrome. He's never been able to ride a bicycle (no sense of balance), and he can't remember most of the names of the kids he's been in school with for the last 13 years. He could tell you the names of every planet in our system, and how far from the sun they are when he was 5. And the names of their moons. Every year at school has been a struggle, and he has worked so hard. Today he graduated from high school, and will continue to college this fall - another challenge as he is terrified of driving. I sat in the crowd today, watching as he went in line across the track, to the chairs, and then after the speeches, up in line again to the stage.
Jack participated in Key Club, but he's very uncomfortable in social situations. He wasn't in band or sports, and he doesn't go to parties, although he likes to be invited. When he walked up the steps to the stage, and his name was called out, his entire class stood and applauded for him. As he took his diploma, I was crying, to hear how much support and love he has. He really is magical, and I'm so proud of him.


  1. Rhea that is so Awesome!!!! Brings tears to my eyes reading about your story about your son. I stand up and applaud you for being a terrific Mom!!

  2. Rhea, that totally made me tear up! How proud you must be! My fifth grader has a boy in his GT class with Asberger's; and I know what a struggle it is for children on the spectrum. I will be crying my eyes out when my oldest graduates from elementary school next Wednesday; it's so bittersweet when your children move to another phase!