Thursday, May 19, 2011

In My Mailbox Today!

I guess it's no secret, I love handmade soap. I make it every day, but even so, I like to try other soaper's stuff, because we're all different. Today, I received my order from BuzzPlanet on Etsy. I met her on the Etsy forums, and she is just a wonderful, wonderful person, and like me, she's a mother of five, and a soaper with less than 5 years experience. And her soap is AWESOME!!! I received two bars, one of the Hula Bugs, and one of the Dirty Bugs. Both scents are wonderful, but my favorite is the Hula Bugs, very fresh and uplifting. And the soap itself was a delight! Bubbly, but with a nice creaminess to the lather, and it left my hands looking and feeling so nice! I have hands that need a little TLC, from all the years of sun exposure and riding on my Harley, and there was no drying whatsoever! I'm super greedy, for a communist, but I have to recommend her shop - you can never have enough perfect handmade soap.

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