Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New Stuff is Mostly Live!

All I have left to list are the sugar scrubs! I should have those all photographed and up by lunchtime tomorrow. I listed the body gloss and body butters today, but I won't be able to ship any body butters after May 1st, they are very heat sensitive, as they are a completely water free butter. Very lush though - I like to test lotions and butters on freshly shaved legs, these were completely creamy and soothing, no burn, and a nickle sized scoop was enough for both of my ginormous legs.
On another note, my husband who is a SAHD to our little 3 year old son had been feeling a little down. He has anxiety disorder, and is not able to go out very often, but today was just awesome! He's decided to start making stained glass again, it was a hobby he used to do a lot, but lost touch with over the years. Today we went together and purchased all the supplies he needs to get started again, and he's already cut and foiled all the pieces for a new pane on our front door. I'm just happy to see him happy, and excited about something.

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