Monday, April 30, 2012

New Things to Come

I love Spring, it's my most creative time of the year! I do actually get most of my new ideas in the Springtime, and save them up for the rest of the year. I've been fiddling about for something to replace my whipped body butters, as they can't ship in the Summer - too melty. So I made a thing for you. And for me too.
It's a new all purpose balm. Seriously, all purposes. Lips, hella yeah. Dry heels, yep. Need to grease a cake pan, okay then, but it's a little pricy. It's a rich balm with hemp seed oil, jojoba, cocoa butter & shea butter, with a blend of tea tree, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile essential oils - the scent is very mild, and mostly chamomile. Safe for use on babies, mommies, and cakes. It will probably still melt, but since it's not whippy, when it cools back down, it will be exactly the same as when I shipped it, so yay for no heat damage.
And - new soaps on the rack to be released this month (from left to right in the pic):

Sweet Pipe Tobacco - sweet and masculine, this is a scent exactly like my Dad's pipe tobacco (my Mom used to keep her sewing notions in his empty Borkum Riff cans, so to me, this soap smells like buttons) .

Honey Bear - made with 100% natural ingredients, including honey, natural honey fragrance, and just a bit 'o beeswax up top.

Babylon - a blend of honeyed figs, pomegranate, frankincense, myrrh, and just a bit of musk and patchouli. This scent will also be available as a perfume oil, body spray, and body cream. .

Poached Pear - sweet juicy pear with a little vanilla glaze.

The Sweet Pipe Tobacco and Honey Bear have been on the rack for a couple of weeks, so they'll be available by the 11th, and Babylon and Poached Pear will follow on the 18th. I'll also be introducing a limited group of Supernatural All Natural Lip Balms, in a slide tin, and a few more colors for the lip glosses. And there will be golden beets and dragon (red) carrots in my garden, Spring is AWESOME!!

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  1. I'm Sierra - the globetrotting wordsmith behind the travel planning blog, Take Me With You. I supply my readers with travel tips and resources to help them plan their vacations abroad. I would have emailed you, but I could not find a contact section on your blog.

    I wanted to ask if you would be interested in TMWY featuring your bar shampoos in a post on the best travel cosmetics - focusing on natural products that are convenient, carry-on luggage approved, and helpful for summertime vacations. I'm planning a trip to Hawaii for the first week of May, in which I'll be testing and photographing cosmetics for the post.

    I know from experience that it's challenging to find natural cosmetics that are both budget friendly and easy to pack for travel, which is why I want to feature awesome options - Sweets N Things - for my wanderlusting readers.

    Let me know within the next week if this is an opportunity you may be interested in. Feel free to send me an email ( to request my latest Media Kit for your perusal. And please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I'm excited about the possibility of sharing Sweets N Things shampoo with my readers!

    I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, have a wonderful day!

    Sierra Donahue