Monday, January 09, 2012

Recovering From the Holidays

I'm finally getting caught up after the holidays! All the decorations are put away, and I'm managed to reorder the supplies I was low on, as well as finally finish some projects I started back in October. I only have three knitting WIPs on my desk to haunt me, which is kind of an all time low for me :)
Before the big holiday rush, NPR did a segment on the ten greatest songs ever. I didn't agree with most of their choices, but one made my personal top ten, Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I listened to that one again for the first time in many moons, and I wanted to make a fragrance that smelled like that. I am not a huge fan of patchouli, but this song really smells like patchouli. I added sandalwood, cannabis, and just a bit of smoke. There's a few other things I added over the following weeks, until it was perfect. Then it sat in the cupboard for months. I was able to make some whipped soap with it last month, yummy! I finally returned to it this week, and made a hot process soap. When I have a really awesome fragrance, I like to use it in hot process, so the fragrance doesn't burn off during the cure, or morph from the lye.
I'll be introducing several new shampoo fragrances this spring, as well as "The Ladies Who Dance" line of burlesque inspired fragrances. While the names are all reminiscent of strippers, only one smells like coconut! And now, for your viewing pleasure, Led Zeppelin:

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