Friday, January 27, 2012

Cool New Stuff

I'm always busy making new stuff, but I also bought a bunch of wonderful things this year, and I wanted to share the awesomeness of my loot!

DancingWithFairies - I love bath bombs, but I completely fail at making them. I purchased several this year, but this last one was my favorite! I bought the "Pocket Full of Sunshine" ball, and it made me completely happy. About the size of a tennis ball, this bath bomb was full of nice oils, and plenty of fizz. The bomb's scent was mild and fresh, and it didn't leave my tub greasy. It did leave my skin completely soft. I love the glitter too, I could see it in the bath, but it didn't adhere to my skin. She also included a beautiful tin of bath salts as a freebie, but I didn't get a chance to try them, my evil daughter ganked them. It was a nice smelling tin though, and very pretty.

ThePoisonedApples - I bought two things from this shop, a caramel apple for Halloween, and then some bars of pumpkin caramel. I am proud to say, I was able to hoard these all for myself, and I did not share with my heathen children. This caramel is just too good to share! So buttery, chewy, and delicious. I can't wait to shop there again!

theHouseAcrosstheBay - I bought several digital collage sheets from this shop, and I couldn't be happier. These are beautiful images that I've used in most of my new labels, ad the shop owner is so nice! I received my PDF's within just a couple of hours, and they've been really easy to work with. I was actually motivated to make new soaps just to go with the images, so really, I received more than just pics, she sells inspiration.

I love buying handmade of all kinds, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear about your favorite shops!

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  1. I am doing a big giveaway and was wodnerign if you wanted to give soemthign, Let me know on my blog by the 5th! orone thing from each shop!