Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweets N Things Shop Updates and News 10/18/11

First, I regretfully will be discontinuing the silk shampoos (Strawberry Silk and Blackberry Silk), as my allergy to the silk protein has become too severe for me to continue using it as an ingredient. I will be restocking these scents, but without the silk.
Halloween, and a few other holidays are rapidly approaching, and I will be bringing a few special, limited edition soaps and fragrances into the shop to celebrate! I just listed the first fragrance oil, and matching body cream, Samhain, and there is also a soap curing as well! Here's the full list of the Halloween scents:

Samhain: Dark amber blended with vanilla and sandalwood, on a base of dark spices, incense, and a roaring bonfire in the distance.
Headless Horseman: a masculine blend of leather and woods, with a bit of dust from the road and demonic pursuit.
Hayride Cocoa: a fall hayride is nothing without a hot cup of cocoa! Rich chocolate, a bit of molten marshmallow, and a touch of coffee, for the grownups.
Candy Apple: Tart green apple, with a coat of buttery caramel, and a bit of spice and chocolate drizzle.

The full release will be on Friday, October 28th, in conjunction with my Halloween sale weekend. I will also continue to stock the pumpkin and pumpkin lavender soaps through the holidays, and perhaps even into spring, I'm really liking the way they make my house smell!

And in the works, scents for the winter. My winter holiday soaps will mostly be molded in rounds, and made available in gift packs. Already in the shop, Red Peppermint and Green Spearmint soap, and to follow after Halloween:

Three Kings: Frankincense and myrrh, with gold swirls set in a dark night. 100% natural, with activated charcoal, this soap is beautiful, but also a wonderful detox facial and body soap.
Brown Sugar and Fig: Ripe figs baked with brown sugar, a perfect fig tart with some vanilla and spice.
Bayberry Spice: Inspired by a memory from my own childhood, a bayberry candle in the form of Christmas carolers my mom carefully unwrapped each December, for nearly 30 years! A classic holiday scent, with plenty of cheery spice.
Cranberry Christmas: A tart cranberry scent blended with a bit of fir, a nostalgic memory of stringing fresh berries for garland on the tree.

I'm really excited about all the holidays this year, our witch costumes are ready (my little one is a green wizard, so cute!), and there's also a flurry of knitting with the cold as a great inspiration to keep the needles & hooks moving! I hope for a happy holidays for all of you, and much goodness in the new year.

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