Monday, October 03, 2011

Halloween Entertainment!

As a full time crafter, I watch a lot of Netflix. The knitting and soap making you know. I just participated in the Practical Magic Blog Party, and that movie continues to be a part of my fall feast of mystical movies. I have a few favorites that also make their way to the top of the queue this time of year, I'd love to share!

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I'm not a giant fan of the movie, although I love Donald Sutherland. He's one of secret crushes, but not sexy enough in that one to do it for me. I prefer the bang fest that is the TV series. I am solidly on Team Spike, and many of the episodes in season 6 and 7 make me cry like a little girl, he's just so awesome.

2. Let Me In
I've watched both versions of this one, English & Swedish, and I just like ours better - I have to admit, I think the children are just cuter and creepier in the English version. I'm still torn up over this one, Abby is definitely evil, but perhaps not the worst best friend to have for life.

3. Silence of the Lambs
Not really for Halloween, but it's the time of year for ghastly things. After reading the books, and seeing the movies, I have to admit, Hannibal is kind of my hero. To ruthlessly be able to destroy and consume what offends you is compelling, and it's hard not to admire Hannibal at the same time as he freaks you out. And Anthony Hopkins - another secret crush.

I'd love to hear what you like to watch as Halloween approaches - creepy, romantic, or just quirky, I have a lot of knitting to do!


  1. I'm a big Spike fan myself. Loved the Buffy series and will be watching much of it this month. Also like the Witches of Eastwick and Hocus Pocus and then there's Witches. I first watched it with my grandson when he was 6 years old and it soon became a favorite. I also like the Addams Family movies. Christopher Lloyd is one of my secret crushes.

  2. I love love love the Buffy series!

    I just wanted you to know how much I loved all the goodies I won from you. Everything is fabulous and I am wearing my Witchy hat this morning! The body cream, lip sweets and soap are all fabulous! I am going to Blog about these and put your link in my posting and on my Facebook too!

    Thank you again SO much!


  3. Asian horror films are AMAZING and very creepy. One of my favorite all-time movies is a Korean horror film called "Shutter". I know it is on Netflix streaming, so definitely check it out!

    There is an American re-make with Joshua Jackson (who I love), but it's not nearly as amazing as the original. Also, I think the main Korean actor is pretty cute, too.