Friday, September 02, 2011

Labor Day Sale, and New Stuff in the Works

Another frenzy of activity here these last couple of weeks! To kick off September, I'm having a sale, using EtsyOnSale, so you won't need a coupon, everything is marked down 15% at SweetsNThings. However, if you do have a coupon, you can still use it for extra savings! Repeat customers, if you look at any of your old receipts at the "Note From Shop" section at the very bottom, you will see your coupon! Applies to KnitHabit customers as well, you have the same coupon, same place.
And, on the new products front - I'll be mixing up a few more body butters this weekend, with a mango butter free recipe. One of my favorite people is allergic, so this one will be unrefined shea butter, and other things, but no mango. I have also perfected a soy-free recipe, and for now it's only available in Lemon, but I'm taking scent suggestions. Now's your chance, if you have an allergy, sensitivity, or just hatred of soy, you get to pick the next scent. Also, I will be making a few new lip tints this weekend - Wheeee!!!!
And finally, we are still working on a bubble bath concoction, the poll results were fairly conclusive - you want liquid bubble bath, so that's what we will make. I'm thinking mostly natural, but with a bit of sodium laurel sulfoacetate (SLSA) added. SLSA is a very, very mild surfactant and foaming agent, used in baby products because it is milder than soap. Also, the poll results showed that many of you don't care for bubble bath at all, so we will be making a couple of herbal bath teas, and a couple of bath milks as well.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day, keep the shiny side up!

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