Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween!

I have new stuff in my soap shop for my favorite holiday, Halloween! I know it's early, but hey, Hobby Lobby was putting out Christmas stuff today, so maybe it's not that early. Halloween inspired soaps so far are: Blood Orange, Grape Goblin, and Triple Pumpkin. Just a note on the Triple Pumpkin, there are lots of ingredients in soap making that cause the chemical process to speed up, and pumpkin is apparently one of them! I checked my soap one hour after I put it in the mold, and it had completely gelled, without any insulation or added heat. My whole kitchen smelled like I was baking pumpkin bread, yummy, but disappointing, since there was no freaking pumpkin bread. I love this soap though, it is lush. The pumpkin seed butter is one of those luxurious oils that you can just spread on your skin right out of the tub, I'll definitely be making a whipped butter with this one when the weather cools down.

I also have some awesome yarns in stock for the fall knitting frenzy, angora, bamboo, and of course, wool. If you happen to see a hat or scarf in my shop you'd like in a special fiber or color, just drop me a line, I can knit it up, and send a picture - if you want it you can purchase at that time.

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