Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Creepy Puppet Show

Most of my friends consider me rather fearless. Reckless actually. I'm the mom who sometimes puts a snake in the cookie jar, because hey, that's hillarious. But I have to admit, I have a little phobia. Puppets. Not to be confused with Muppets, who taught me how to read. No, I get the willies big time when there's puppets around. Especially marionettes. And those ultra creepy ventroliquist dolls.

So, you might be able to understand my horror at the "free" Iraqi elections this weekend. I know, they haven't counted the votes yet, but is there really any doubt about which group of individuals is going to control Iraq? That's right. The Puppets.

If I'm wrong, then I will totally apologize for insinuating that maybe these weren't entirely honest elections. However, I have a history book. So I have seen a trend. Unfortunately, my government hasn't noticed the success rate of the puppet governments. It's not very high. See, any government gets its authority from the consent of the governed. (Props to Jefferson). And I've heard so many people on the right and left cry that we just can't leave Iraq now. We have to see this through. We have to guide them through the process of democracy. Maybe that's exactly what we shouldn't be doing. We certainly owe them, big time. And we should continue to rebuild, and funnel cash into their infrastructure, that we ruined. Usually (always), people don't feel free unless they take that freedom for themselves. Even if we force the greatest, most benevolent government on them, it will still be forced. Some people love the puppet show. I think it's creepy.

UPDATE: I'm wrong, and I am totally apologizing. It appears that our puppets are not leading in the Iraqi elections. The Shi'ite Islamist groups are leading. And I'm sure that our government didn't rig the elections so that our puppets would lose power to groups that could possibly (probably) align themselves with Iran (also ruled by Shi'ites). So these elections must have been honest. And I'm sure this whole democracy in Iraq thing is going to work out great for us.

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