Friday, January 28, 2005

Bush: Really an Evil Genius

I've read a lot of articles, seen serveral documentaries that support the claim that George "the shrub" Bush is a simpleton, being led to evil policy by evil genius henchmen, and henchwomen. We'd like to think that, a little. After all, one time when he was elected, it was by a popular majority. Probably. He's so likable, it would be a shame if so many of us could be fooled by his charm into electing an evil psycopath to be president of our country. It would be tragic. But I think it is exactly what happened. Hitler didn't become evil because he listened to evil advisors, he listened because he was evil. Bush is listening to people who tell him what he likes to hear. Evil.
But he's a great Christian, born again, ya da ya da. Whatever. When we watch a movie, and there's torture, we know who the bad guy is. Even if it's not gross torture, just a little tying them up in an uncomfortable position, keeping them cold, scaring them with vicious dogs. We know who the bad guy is. The neocons would have us believe that this is justifiable against terrorists. Really, I have to agree, if bad things happen to bad people, that's justice. But if we're the ones doing those bad things, then we're the bad guys too.
So I wonder, who let us become the bad guys? America used to stand for something. When the U.S.S.R. put people in jail just for their beliefs, we thought that was wrong. When Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist, was caught he was tried, convicted, and humanely executed. His rights were never violated by America. But that was a long time ago. Like, ten years. Things are different now. Because the terrorists are brown and heathen. So the rules are gone. The rules we founded our nation on.
So how do I know that George Bush is THE GUY who made us the bad guys? The guy who likes a little (alotof) mild torture. The guy who doesn't love the Constitution. The guy who decides to make war on unarmed nations. The guy who wants to give old people and orphans a chance to starve so there will be more money in the stock market. I know because he's the guy who had, and has the power to stop all this evil. If he liked the Constitution, he would have never nominated John Ashcroft in the first place. Suspected terrorists wouldn't be detained in secret for years with no indictments, no lawyers. If he thought torture, in any form is wrong, he wouldn't have nominated Alberto Gonzales, another evil guy who thinks that the Geneva Conventions are "quaint". If he hated war against the helpless, he would have made sure that Iraq really was a threat before he started killing their citizens and our soldiers. Maybe give the U.N. inspectors a couple of months, especially when THE WHOLE WORLD wanted us to wait. Maybe give our military a little more time to gear up for war. And if he wanted to protect the security of the empoverished elderly, widows, and orphans, maybe he wouldn't be wouldn't be telling us to act now, without thinking, on the Social Security "crisis". Which might hit in about 40 years. So he's evil, for sure.
But how do I know he's an evil genius, not just a dupe? Come on. I have children. They're just like me. His parents are smart. No one doubts that. So unless that good Christian lady, Barbara Bush, partied like little George when she was pregnant, yeah, he's smart. And he looks like his dad, so I know there was no retarded milk man involved. So he's smart. And evil.

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