Sunday, October 17, 2010

Holiday Themed Soaps

Handmade soap makes a great gift for any holiday. However, it's good to consider that you give that gift on the holiday - so the soap gets used AFTER the holiday is over.
I'm super jealous of the melt & pour crafters, you guys can make the most amazing soaps! Little trees with different colored decorations, little Santas and snowmen that look almost lifelike! In the prelude to the holidays, those are my favorite guest soaps and decoration.
For gifting though, I'm trying to design soaps that have a shelf life that extends past December 26th. I made this soap with green mica and chromium green pigment, gold mica pigment, and a blend of scents based with fir. I also used a plain meat basting brush to dust the top with gold mica, for a nice shimmer.

I have also found that plastic inventory bins, available at, item #5W853 or 5W842 make a great mold, even for CPOP soaps! They have a big variety of sizes available, those are just the two that I use. Just line with freezer paper, or spray with Pam, and they are fine in an oven for one hour, up to 200 degrees. After the cook, just turn the oven off and leave closed (with soap inside) overnight.

Now my soaps, let me show you them...

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